Please join Colorado Citizens Against ToxicWaste at a FREE screening of the award winning Documentary, Atomic Homefront, on Sunday April 22, from 5:30pm to 8:00pm at the Quality Inn of Cañon City, 3075 East Highway 50.

Atomic Homefront is an award winning documentary surrounding contamination dumped by Cotter Corporation in the St Louis area from World War II Manhattan Project waste.  The story is about the citizens groups who are working night and day to find out what is happening in their neighborhoods.  The St Louis activist groups, “Just Moms,” “Coldwater Creek Facts,” and their supporters have uncovered the egregious mistakes made in the handling of radioactive wastes. The West Lake Landfill in St Louis, Missouri is the case study for how legacy radioactive sites, in suburban areas, are presently being mismanaged and mishandled by federal and state agencies and private corporations who are responsible for their cleanup.

Many residents of Cañon City do not realize that our community shares this legacy with the City of St Louis.  In 1958, although the Cold War was raging, nuclear science was attempting to harness the atom for the good of mankind.  Nuclear power production was in its infancy and Cotter Corporation was on the cutting edge of producing yellow cake for the industry.  Cañon City welcomed this new employer and the State of Colorado leased the company a school section south of town.  

Cotter Corporation dumped 8,700 tons of Manhattan Project Waste residues at the West Lake Landfill near St Louis, MO. and shipped 112,000 tons of Manhattan Project Waste residues to its Cañon City Uranium Mill.

Our community needs to be aware of the contamination at Cotter and needs to become involved so that we do not find ourselves in the same position as the St Louis area. Our community does not need a cleanup which years later is found to be insufficient, and a risk to human health.

Restaurant opens at 4 pm.

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